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Grand National: Thrill and Excitement



There are few sports events in the United Kingdom that congregates as much people as the Grand National. In fact, more than 150,000 watch the races in the racecourse, while 250,000 watch the main event on T.V. This is because this is without a doubt one of the most exciting sports events in Great Britain; just take the picture of 40 horses, racing in Aintree (a 4.3 miles racecourse) in eight heart pounding minutes.

Even when some believe that this kind of race is quite random, the nature of this race is to equate the horses to have a fair race, even for the slowest animals out there. The Grand National implements a handicap system to ensure the worst horses a “fighting chance”, by ranking all the animals to be in this race, and adding weight to the best and vice versa to those that had a bad year. This way, the last minutes of the race have a particular spice, since the best horses are really extenuated due to the extra weight, while the “outsiders” are refreshed and might have a great ending.

There are a few horses that are pointed out by most expert bookies that might have chances to win this. Cause of Causes is one of the best, because it’s the double winner of the Cheltenham Festival and has shown great stamina in trainings. You can also check key trends in Aintree Grand National 2017. Another great bet is Just a Par, which might get the trophy this year due to its great performance in the last cup it won, showing its worth to fans and experts alike. There´s another horse that promises a lot, called The Last Samuri, which ended second in the last edition of the race, and has given great performances in the competitions it participated during the last year. Last but not least we have Vieux Lion Rouge, a horse that had a great year and shown great potential during the Grand National 2016, in particular for a horse that is really young. So why don’t put a note or two in these horses and feel the real thrill of this incredible race.

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