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Meet the “Southern Charm” Season Three Cast




FYI – If you are looking for information on Southern Charm’s cast for season four (2017), click here.

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We are now three episodes into the third season of Southern Charm, the show featuring the “small, ruling, entrenched minority.” The faces haven’t changed much, and neither has the drama.

All of last year’s main cast members – and many of the secondary players – have returned, but there a couple updates. Here’s a look at this season’s primary and secondary cast:

Primary Cast

  • Landon Clements
    • Born in St. Simons Island, Georgia
    • Attended the College of Charleston
    • Recently moved downtown
  • Craig Conover
    • 28 years old
    • From Fenwick Island, Delaware
    • College of Charleston (2006) and Charleston School of Law (2014) graduate
    • Back in Charleston after spending some time in Delaware
    • Dating Naomie Olindo (see below)
  • Kathryn C. Dennis
    • 24 years old
    • Born in Charleston, raised in Berkeley County
    • Recently had a second baby with Thomas Ravenel
    • Related to former state lawmaker Rembert C. Dennis and former U.S. Vice President John C. Calhoun
    • Attended the University of South Carolina (Studied Political Science and Women’s Studies)
    • Worked for two state senators and the lieutenant governor
    • FITSNews contributor
  • Cameran (Eubanks) Wimberly

    • 32 years old
    • From Anderson, SC
    • Was on The Real World: San Diego (2004)
    • Still working in real estate
    • Won The Alley’s 2015 Spelling Bee Competition (which yours truly was a part of!)
  • Thomas Ravenel
    • 53 years old
    • Charleston native
    • Recently had a second baby with Kathryn Dennis
    • Graduated from The Citadel (Bachelor of Science in Business Administration)
    • Masters in Business Administration from University of South Carolina
    • Founded Ravenel Development Corporation
    • Elected as the State Treasurer in 2006
    • Two years ago, he ran as an independent candidate against incumbent Senator Lindsey Graham. He finished in third.
  • Shepard “Shep” Rose
    • 36 years old
    • Grew up on Hilton Head Island
    • Attended the University of Georgia
    • Was accepted and attended the Owen School of Business in Nashville
    • Nephew of former SC Department of Public Safety director B. Boykin Rose
    • Town of Boykin is named after his family
      • The state’s dog, the Boykin Spaniel, is also named after them
    • Opened The Palace Hotel two years ago, but it is currently closed after being damaged in a fire
  • Whitney Sudler-Smith
    • 47 years old
    • He was born in Washington, DC, raised in Virginia
    • Executive producer on the show
    • Graduated from George Washington University
    • Studied at Oxford University
    • Filmmaker
    • Is dating Larissa Marolt, an Australian fashion model and actress

Supporting Cast/Appearances

  • Pat Altschul
  • Danni Baird
    • Also appeared in seasons 1 and 2
    • Friend of the main cast
  • J.D. (John David) Madison
    • Also appeared in Seasons 1 and 2
    • Owns Gents Barberspa/Ladies Pamperspa, and Sermet’s Downtown/The Mezz (and has worked on plenty more)
    • Behind the newly-launched Gentry Bourbon
    • His wife, Elizabeth, also appears on the show
  • Naomie Olindo
    • Craig’s girlfriend
    • First season on the show
  • K. Cooper Ray
    • Also appeared in Season 2
    • Menswear designer, writer, and more
  • Jennifer Snowden
    • Also appeared in Season 2
    • 34 years old
    • Born in Charleston
    • Attended Bishop England High School (for one year) before finishing school in Florence
    • Attended College of Charleston
    • Family has lived in Charleston for several years
    • Friend of Thomas Ravenel’s
    • Mother owned Carolina’s restaurant until 2003
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