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Harold’s Cabin Releases Menu Details



haroldscabinHarold’s Cabin, the highly anticipated Westside restaurant and corner grocery, has released information on their opening menus. The updated version of the business, which originally opened in the same location in the 1920’s, will feature breakfast and lunch seven days a week, and eventually dinner service. 

Here are some of the menu highlights:


  • Served from 7 am to 11 am
  • Variety of biscuit options
    • Tomato and pimento cheese
    • Smoked apple
    • Mushrooms and mustard greens
  • Daily omelet
  • Daily grits dish
  • Yogurt
  • Smoothies
  • Coffee drink
  • See the full breakfast menu here


  • Available from 11 am to 2 pm
  • Features four different sections
    • Kickshaw: Smaller, vegetable-focused dishes

      • The “Harold & Lillian”
        • Lox & latkes with apples, crème fraiche
          • A portion of the “Harold & Lillian” sales are donated to local Jewish Foundations
      • Shishito peppers with turmeric and vanilla vin
      • Beets with buttermilk ricotta
      • Pickled green tomatoes and herbs
      • Fingerling potatoes with malt vinegar butter and sage
    • On a Roll: Sandwiches

      • Daily fresh catch sandwich
      • Bison burger on brioche
      • Grilled chicken thighs with greens and spicy buttermilk on a biscuit
    • Vittles: Larger, more composed dishes

      • Mustard greens with S.C. quail
      • Sea island red peas and sweet onion
      • Carrots with quinoa, charred scallion yogurt, and pickled blackberry
      • Broccoli with pork belly, cheddar and green apple
      • Tomato-based seafood stew with S.C. shellfish
      • Potatoes and saffron
    • Nectar & Regale: Sweets, etc.

      • Grilled carrot cake
      • Beignets
      • Parsnip and chocolate dish
    • See the full Daily menu here

The team behind Harlod’s Cabin includes:

  • Executive chef: Justin Pfau
  • Coffee Director: Brianna Berry
  • Bar Manager: Drew Childers
  • General Manager: Colleen O’Connor
  • Resident Farmer (restaurant has a rooftop garden): Leslie Wade

Harold’s Cabin first opened on the corner of President and Congress Streets in the early 1920’s under Harold Jacobs and his parents. It was later run by Harold and his wife Lillian. Although it first served as a snowball shop, the business grew into a neighborhood grocery and restaurant over the next couple of decades. Yes, snowballs are expected to be on the new menu.

The reimagined version of Harold’s Cabin will include seating for 65, a grab-and-go market, and a rooftop garden. No opening date has been announced yet.

It will be located at 247 Congress Street.

To see pictures of the restaurant’s interior, visit Eater Charleston.

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