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#GOODSHARING Conference Focuses on Community Building



goodsharing From April 2nd through the 4th, Building From the Block Up and CharlestonGOOD will host the #GOODSHARING Conference at the Charleston County Public Library Auditorium. The three-day event will focus on community building.

In addition, event organizers hope the conference will be a “catalyst for an ongoing emphasis on community collaboration.”

Here’s the conference’s schedule:

Thursday, April 2nd

  • 5 pm – 8 pm
  • Day 1: Serving Holistically: Breaking out of Silos for Good
    • “This day we will be re-framing our understanding of single issue service delivery into a collaborative community that serves together. ‘There are no single issue lives, so our service should not be a focused on a single issue. To this end we will seek to ‘weave individual initiatives and collective endeavors into patterns of unified action. To accomplish this goal we will seek to raise our collective capacity for coordinated project management. We will nurture a culture of collaboration by creating shared calendars, volunteer pools, and other technical resources.”

Friday, April 3rd

  • 1 pm – 4 pm
  • Day 2: Vision for the future: Youth-Led Community Building
    • “This day will feature the work and perspectives of youth empowerment specialists and our young community builders. We will all gain understanding as we witness the refreshing idealism of new eyes on persistent challenges. The youth servant leaders will also guide workshops on enhancing youth power in our work. The fruit of the day will be the formation of a Youth Builders Network created to support the work of emerging leaders from across the Lowcountry.”



Saturday, April 4th

  • 2 pm – 4 pm
  • Day 3: Creative Collaborations w/Project Management
    • “The final day of #goodsharing will focus on developing our ability to create novel ‘projects’ through consolidating the assets and connections made during the conference. We will spend the afternoon mapping the visions, passions, and resources we are all utilizing or under-utilizing in our service. Lastly, we will create newl and sustainable projects  that will be executed in the next 2 months.”

For more information on the conference, click here.

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