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First Look: Warehouse



image (3)Warehouse, the new bar on Spring Street, opened this passed Monday and Holy City Sinner was in the building to see the peninsula’s newest spot. The outside of the building is pretty unassuming – no flashing lights or bright colors to catch your eye. Hell, there was barely any signage to let residents know there was a bar right in front of them. It may take patrons a moment or two to locate the building.

The inside felt spacious and inviting. Comfortable, low-sitting leather chairs flanked the entrance while a community-style table was the first thing visible through the door. An open row of booths lined the right side of the building. A pool table, shuffleboard, and fooseball table sat towards the rear of the

image (7)

Where the Sidewalk Ends (left) and the Shandy Shakedown

bar. The seating and presence of games make Warehouse a great place to socialize.

The drink menu had a wide-array of adult beverages to choose from including their specialty and beer cocktails. I was certainly most excited for the latter. I ordered the Shandy Shakedown which included Westbrook’s White Tai, Aperol, St. Germaine, and fresh lemon. It’s a great summer drink and I definitely recommend you give it a try.

Ms. HCS chose a cocktail called Where the Sidewalk Ends, which featured vodka, ginger-lemongrass syrup, ginger and Blenheim’s ginger ale. She said the drink was refreshing and not too boozy-tasting.

image (8)The food menu at Warehouse wasn’t as expansive as the drink options, but was just as unique. Offerings included “adult grilled cheeses”, a rotating menu of deviled eggs, bar snacks, meat and cheese boards, wings, fritters, and more.

We weren’t too hungry so after much debate we opted to split the potato skins. What caught our eye was the inclusion of boiled peanuts in the dish – we just had to try it. Turns out, boiled peanuts work just fine on a potato skin, especially when combined with pork rillette, green tomato chow chow, bacon and creme fraiche. I don’t think this dish will be everyone’s go-to, but it was surprisingly good.

My first Warehouse visit was a good one and I have a feeling it will become one of the more popular downtown venues. A few more visits are certainly in order.


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