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3rd Annual Bar Car Olympics Going for the Gold




Are you ready to show you’re not only the best Bar Olympian, but also the best humanitarian? Then you better attend the 3rd Annual Bar Car Olympics this Saturday because these bar-hoppers are “crawlin for a cause.”

For this downtown event, every registered team will be competing in different challenges while also choosing a local charity to represent. The winning team will earn gold medals, a free night out in the SC Bar Car, and their charity will receive $5 from every ticket sold to the bar crawl.

This year’s venues are The Recovery Room, Mellow Mushroom, The Blind Tiger, The Brick, Molly Darcy’s, Big John’s, and The Alley.

For more details, read what the official Facebook Event Page says below:

Olympians will put together teams of 8 people over the age of 21. This event will sell out at a total of 20 teams. Bonus’ will be given for Best Team Name, Best Team Costume, as well as other Side Games throughout the event that increase your chances of winning the Gold, making the cover of next years Wheaties Box, and winning for your Local Charity.

Participants of the Bar Car Olympics are offered free team pick up and free team drop offs to and from the event as well as transportation throughout the games.

The cost is $30 per person, $240.00 per team when purchased online prior to the event. Cut off for the discounted price will be Friday, February the 8th. Otherwise, the cost is $35 per person, $280 per team the day of the event. Again, $5 from every ticket sold will be donated to the winning teams chosen Local Charity. For any teams that do not have a chosen charity to represent, we will have a list for you to choose from at The Alley prior to the start.

At each venue, there is one event. Some places have an additional side game:

RING GAME- The Blind Tiger
Teams will line up and take turns tossing the ring at the hook. Each time they are successful it will be counted as a deduction of their final time. The higher their number the better their score. Each team will have 5 minutes to complete this event.

BEER PONG- Mellow Mushroom
5 Cups per side. 4 people play each game, so there will be 2 complete games. Players must hit every cup to continue. Not competing against teammates, competing against the clock. Beer will not be used for this event. Players can choose from several non alcoholic choices, especially water!

SKEE BALL- The Alley
Accumulated score… Each point scored is equal to one second, which will be subtracted from the teams final time.

FLIP CUP- Big Johns
Each team will have to Complete 7 straight rounds of flip cup. Water must and will be used for this event as well. Teams will be timed to see how fast they can complete all 7 rounds!

DARTS- The Brick
Each team member will get to throw 6 darts. We will combine the total score or each team. Bulls Eyes are worth 50 points, Red Bulls are worth 100, doubles and triples all count.

BANANA-LIME RELAY- The Recovery Room
A rope attached to a banana will be attached to a player’s waist line. They must use their hips and swing the banana, knocking it into the lime and moving the lime across the floor to their teammate. The teams will line up with 4 people on each side of the bar. This is a speed game.

CORN HOLE- Molly Darcy’s
Each team will split into two groups of 4. There will be a total of 10 minutes for them to rack up as many points as they can. The total will be converted into minutes and seconds and will be deducted from their final finish time. So the more points they score, the better they will do.

Ticket price includes everything! All of the team games, 2 drinks per person at each venue, as well as full transportation and free food at the Medal Ceremony. So participants never have to get behind a wheel!

*Olympians must have their ID’s ready at their teams pick up or at The Alley. You will NOT be allowed to compete without it!

Teams will be picked up beginning around 2:00 pm.

At 3, we will all meet and greet, ID Check, Give Wrist Bands, and Olympian Drink tickets as well.

8 man Teams will be dispersed and we will have a ‘Shotgun Start’ beginning around 3:30.

Good Luck!

*If you have any questions please call me at 843 300 9995.
*You can purchase your tickets online at

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