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Bold & Spicy Launch




Ryan Eleuteri, the Owner of the Charleston Beverage Company and creator of Charleston Mix, held a successful launch for his newest creation on Sunday at the Rooftop at Vendue Inn.


Eleuteri  held a low-key party to celebrate the launch of the Bold & Spicy version of his Bloody Mary mix. After tasting this latest concoction, I am now sold on Charleston Mix Bold & Spicy. This blend should become a local favorite in no time.


I like my Bloody Marys on the spicier side, so I was excited to attend “Sunday Bloody Funday” party and give Charleston Mix a try. Aside from a few banners, there was little fanfare for the event. This laid-back affair was the perfect atmosphere for a lazy Sunday sampling a traditionally relaxing cocktail.


The Rooftop at Vendue Inn was also the ideal setting for the party. The attendees were able to sip their Bloodys while enjoying the crisp weather. There were also some free Charleston Mix t-shirts available, but most people were too busy enjoying their libations.


I was able to briefly meet Eleuteri who seemed relaxed and enjoying everyone’s company. I was surprised to see him so calm during a launch party. Shouldn’t he be worried about what the patrons thought about his mix? It seemed as though he knew he had a great product and there was nothing to worry about.


He was right. Even though the bartenders were using some cheap vodka to create the Bloody Marys, the Bold & Spicy Mix shone through. It didn’t matter that it wasn’t paired with something from the top shelf, it was perfectly spicy and tasty.


If you are afraid of a little spice in your Bloody Mary, you shouldn’t shy away from Charleston Mix. There’s just a slight kick that isn’t overpowering by any means. This balanced blend means Charleston Mix is destined to be a new local favorite.


But don’t be surprised if it doesn’t stay a local secret for long.



All pictures from Charleston Mix’s Facebook photo album

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